International Orders

RogueValleyRoses ships internationally to most countries. The EU and a few other countries require dormant season shipping.  We do not hold plants in cold storage.  Our plants are bare rooted immediately before shipping.

Rogue Valley Roses ships all year long to Canada, except for holidays. We offer the same delayed shipping options to our Canadian customers, and countries that do not require dormant shipping, that we offer to our US customers.  If you are an international customer and would like to place an order, you may do so on the website and we will contact you to complete the order and work out the shipping costs and fees.  If you have questions and would like to know all the charges and regulations that apply before placing your order, feel free to contact us at any time.  Our number is 1-541-535-1307.  If you would like to send us a message, you can contact our customer service staff at

RogueValleyRoses International Shipping Policies

*Rogue Valley Roses can not ensure when the roses will be delivered.  We can only control when the roses are packed and sent out.  Once they leave our hands we have no control how long the packages can be held in customs.  Therefore, roses shipped internationally can not be guaranteed to thrive.

*Additional Handling fees are required, depending on the specific requirements of shipping to your country.

*Changes may be made for an international order up to three weeks before the shipping date. 

*Due to heavy shipping during the Holidays, we will not ship any international orders during the month of December.

*Every International order must have a Phytosanitary Certificate, which we will supply.  This certificate costs $31.00 and is to be paid by the customer.

*If the customer’s country requires Dormant Shipping, we can only ship when our plants are dormant.  We will only do dormant shipping during the month of January.  We do not have cold storage and our plants generally go into dormancy around the middle of December and stay dormant through February.  As we have very erratic weather, we can not guarantee the length of our dormancy period.

*International orders must be placed at least three weeks before we ship.

*When placing an order online, International customers need to choose the "Local Pick-up" option and Rogue Valley Roses will adjust the totals to include shipping charges, bare root fees (if they apply), Phytosanitary Certificate Charges, and International Handling Fees.  We will then send an invoice and request for the remainder of the invoice.  If you would like to know all the fees before placing an order, you will have to contact us by e-mail with the details of your order.

Contact us at:
Phone and fax:(541) 535-1307
Customer information is used exclusively to conduct the business of RVR. We do not sell or share customer information in any way with any outside individuals or entities.
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