Free Rose List

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To ensure you receive your free  and mystery roses you must go to the 2 individual pages that are titled “Free Rose” or “Mystery Rose” and request them by adding them to your cart. To see those pages where you "order" them you may click on the links below. Or, on the RVR homepage, you may type “Free Rose” or “Mystery Rose” into the search window or go to the free rose list page that you are currently on and use the  links below to those pages. 

You are not required to take free roses.  Shipping will be charged on them.  If you do decide to take them, you must go to the “Free Rose” and “Mystery Rose” pages to "order" them.   You may add 1 “Free Rose” to your cart for every 4 roses you have ordered (up to 3 “Free Roses”).  You may also add 1 “Mystery Rose” to your cart for every 4 roses you have ordered (up to 3 “Mystery Roses”). "Mystery Roses" are roses that have lost their labels whose identity is unknown. 
Here are links to the “Free Rose” and “Mystery Rose” pages where they are added to your order:

Free Rose Order Page

Mystery Rose Order Page

When you have added all your roses and free roses to your cart and you are ready to check out, proceed as you normally would.  When the window for the Free Roses comes up, type in the names of your variety choices from the list below.  If you miss this window you can e-mail your choices to our customer service staff at Remember to include your order number and your phone number if you do this.

Also, if you forget, during the ordering process, to add your 'Free Rose' and the 'Mystery Rose' choice(s) to your cart, you have another opportunity to type in your selections at the end of the ordering process when a window for notes to us regarding your order appears. Notes placed in this window automatically become part of your order. Shipping for these free roses will be charged to your card or PayPal account; whichever you choose to pay with.  

The free roses that are available at this time are

Oakington Ruby, Cecile Brunner CL and Vick Caprice.


For a detailed description of each of these roses, please click the links below.  The links are only for information about the rose,  not for adding to your oder. 

On the checkout page, please list in the "Free Rose" section which rose you would like to add to your order.


Oakington Ruby -


Cecile Brunner -






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