Shipping / Ordering

***No Sales Tax***

We are in Oregon, so you will not be charged Sales Tax on your order.

How to Order Online

Just select your roses, add them to your cart and complete payment right from your own computer. You may also place an order or ask a question by sending us an email at or you may phone us. Our customer service number is 541-535-1307.  There is a $5 handling fee applied to each order.

When ordering by email or phone,  please have the following information ready:

1. The names of the roses and the quantity of each you wish to order

2. Your name, address, email address, and phone number for billing

3. A shipping name, address, and phone number if different from the billing address above.

4. Please Choose the Monday date below to indicate the week you would like your roses to ship. You shipment will not necessarily be sent on Monday, but will be send during that week. We ship Monday-Wed during peak planting seasons. This will ensure you receive your plants the same week and generally no later than Friday.

5. Your method of payment.

Paying for Your Order

We accept personal checks, money orders and credit cards. Payment must be made in U.S. dollars. When ordering by credit card we will need the billing address for the card and the phone number you have given the card company as well as the identification number (usually the last three digits in fine print from the back of the card).

Our mailing address for payment by check or money order is:

Rogue Valley Roses

2368 Terri Drive Medford, OR 97504

Communicating Additional Information in Regard to Your Order

On the checkout page, there is a text box labeled "Order Comments" for you to communicate with us, should you need to tell us something that was not covered during the ordering process.

Some examples:

-To request a gift rose message enclosure (type your message into the email window)

-To request that we do not include an invoice

-To request a credit or gift certificate be used as payment

Note: If you miss the small text box on the check out page, you may also send this information in a regular email to us, at the time of your order. Send to:

Free Rose Ordering

To ensure you receive your free  and mystery roses you must go to the 2 individual pages that are titled “Free Rose” or “Mystery Rose” and request them by adding them to your cart. To see those pages you may click on the links below or, on the RVR homepage, you may type “Free Rose” or “Mystery Rose” into the search window or go to the free rose list on the homepage which has links to those pages.   You are not required to take free roses.  Shipping will be charged on them.  If you do decide to take them, you must go to the “Free Rose” and “Mystery Rose” pages to "order" them.   You may add 1 “Free Rose” to your cart for every 4 roses you have ordered (up to 3 “Free Roses”).  You may also add 1 “Mystery Rose” to your cart for every 4 roses you have ordered (up to 3 “Mystery Roses”).

Here are links to the “Free Rose” and “Mystery Rose” order pages:

Free Rose

Mystery Rose

When you have added all your roses and free roses to your cart and you are ready to check out, proceed as you normally would.  When the window for the Free Roses comes up, enter your variety choices from the list below.  If you miss this window you can e-mail your choices to our customer service staff at

If you forget, during the ordering process, to add your 'Free Rose' and the 'Mystery Rose' choice(s) to your cart, you have another opportunity to type in your selections at the end of the ordering process when a window for this purpose appears.  Shipping for these free roses will be charged to your card or PayPal account; whichever you chooose to pay with.

Delayed Shipping

Order roses any time of the year and simply request delayed shipping to receive your order when you are ready to plant.  This allows our customers to reserve plants as soon as they become available without the worry of over-wintering them in harsh climates. 

Bare Root Shipping

During winter dormancy, December until our plants begin to leaf out, usually sometime in February.   We bare root the plant the day before shipping, soak overnight and pack the next day.  We do not hold bare rooted plants in cold storage. Bare root shipping is something we do for a short time while our plants are dormant. It is a nice way for customers to receive a very alive, large plant without paying so much for shipping! If you would like to place an order for bare root shipping, simply go online and place your order as usual. When you have finished your order, send us an e-mail to let us know you would like your order shipped bare root, and, as soon as we have the actual shipping costs, we will issue a refund for that part of the unused regular shipping.

Adding to Your Order After it has been Placed

As new inventories are posted you may email, or call in, additions to an existing order right up to the Friday before shipping as new inventories are announced. This also applies to orders being held in delayed shipping for our northern customers.

Our Privacy Policy

All shared personal information is confidential. Rogue Valley Roses does not use your information for any reason other than to process your order. Credit card information is destroyed immediately after processing your order.

Our Guarantees

We guarantee our plants to be healthy, accurately labeled, and ready to grow. We ask that you notify us within two weeks of receiving your order if there is a problem and we will replace the rose at no cost to you.

If you have followed our care recommendations after that time, and a plant fails to grow, and you report it to us within three months, we will provide a replacement and ask that you cover shipping costs. We do not guarantee plants that have perished through failure to follow good cultural practices or through extremes of weather. We do not guarantee free roses and we do not guarantee winter survival.

Our Roses

We grow all our roses on their own roots, taken from cuttings from our parent plants.  We feel these own root roses are very hardy and grow quite rapidly.  Also, with an own root rose, a customer never has to worry about the rootstock taking over the plant.

Our roses overwinter outdoors in our mild, with occasional zingers, Zone 8a climate. Depending on when we get really cold weather, our roses are shipped semi-dormant in their pots in November and February, dormant in December and January, semi-dormant in February and early March, and, actively growing the rest of the year.

Contact us at:
Phone and fax:(541) 535-1307
Customer information is used exclusively to conduct the business of RVR. We do not sell or share customer information in any way with any outside individuals or entities.
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