Abraham Darby ** ®

Abraham Darby is still one of my favorite Austin roses for so many reasons: vigor, health, very fragrant, nearly continuous bloom. In a warm climate, with support, it may be grown as a climber. Photo copyright Paul Barden 2009.

In early summer, ‘Abraham Darby’ bears large, deeply cupped blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow and, in spite of their size, they continue to be produced for the remainder of the season. They have a rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness. ‘Abraham Darby’ is an excellent, vigorous, medium-sized shrub. It has a bushy, arching habit and large, polished, rather modern leaves; flower, growth and leaf are all in proportion and never clumsy. Named to celebrate the inventor Abraham Darby, who, with his son and grandson, played an important part in the industrial revolution.

It repeats well but summer pruning will encourage a better crop of flowers and help maintain a more compact plan

Introduced in 1985

Abraham Darby ** ®

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Growth Habit: 
Shrub, may be grown as a climber
Year Introduced: 
1980 to 1989
Bloom Type: 
Fully Double
Zone 6
Fragrance ffff
Rebloom rrr
Austin, David
6-8 Feet
Apricot and Apricot Blend
Modern Reproduction
Special Uses
Disease Resistant: 
Disease Resistant
Good as a hedge
Grow As Shrub or Climber
Good for Cutting: 
Good for cutting
Shade Tolerant: 
Shade Tolerant
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