Apricot Nectar

This is in every way a rewarding rose, from its healthy foliage and nuanced color, to its abundant, very fragrant bloom. Excellent for cutting. There may be several different versions of Apricot Nectar in commerce. The Rose I grew for years in my Ashland garden was lost in the move to our country garden. I feel the current, very good rose, from a reliable source that we sell as Apricot Nectar, is not the exact same rose. We know that, particularly, when a rose is widely grown, slight mutations do occur and then are distributed as the original rose. DNA testing would be the only way to determine whether the changes are due to garden location and soil, or actual genetic variation that produce the differences which we frequently see. Interestingly, wide changes can also appear in different years on the same plant (see Kitchener of Khartoum) brought on by extreme variations from year to year in seasonal weather alone.

Introduced in 1965.

Apricot Nectar

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Year Introduced: 
1960 to 1969
Bloom Type: 
Fully Double
Zone 6
Fragrance ffff
Rebloom rrr
Boerner, Eugene S.
3-4 Feet
Apricot and Apricot Blend
Bloom Size: 
Bloom Size 4
Special Uses
Disease Resistant: 
Very Disease Resistant
Good for Cutting: 
Good for cutting
Good for pots

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