Belle Amour

This is a rediscovered rose. No one knows its origin or its exact class. Quest-Ritson classifies it as a Gallica hybrid; others have placed it with the Damasks. I am willing to go along with Alba due to the foliage, however its has a unique spicy myrrh fragrance that is unlike that class, or any other old rose that I know. It is well worth including in any collection of old roses just for the fragrance alone. Surely David Austin has made use of this rose in his breeding program as it is so reminiscent of an Austin rose both in the deep salmon pink upon opening that changes to rosy pink later on and in the fragrance as well as the cupped loosely double form.

Unknown until 1940.

Belle Amour
Belle Amour

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Growth Habit: 
Year Introduced: 
1940 to 1949
Bloom Type: 
Loosely Double
Zone 5
Fragrance ffff
Rebloom 0
4-5 Feet
Medium Pink
Bloom Size: 
Bloom Size 3
Special Uses
Disease Resistant: 
Very Disease Resistant
Shade Tolerant: 
Very Shade Tolerant
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