Duchesse de Montebello

This exquisite beauty is one of rare coloring among the Gallica hybrids, its soft blush pink hues undoubtedly inherited from its purported China ancestor. Every bloom of this rose is perfect in color and form; its cupped shape holding over a hundred soft pink petals, all perfectly placed. Add to that a most wonderful fragrance, beautiful foliage and growth, and we have one of the finest Old Roses ever created. This is a rose whose blossoms can entrance those who behold them. Photo and Comment Copyright 2007 Paul Barden and The Uncommon Rose

Introduced in 1824.

Duchesse de Montebello

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Year Introduced: 
1820 to 1829
Bloom Type: 
Very Fully Double
Zone 5
Fragrance fff
Rebloom 0
Laffay, Jean
4-5 Feet
Light Pink
Bloom Size: 
Bloom Size 3.5
Special Uses
Disease Resistant: 
Disease Resistant
Good for Cutting: 
Good for cutting
Shade Tolerant: 
Shade Tolerant

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