Mme. Plantier

This is an exquisite Alba-Noisette Hybrid that, according to Charles Quest-Ritson, "combines the profusion of the Noisettes with the hardiness and grace of the Albas". Ethereal, delicately textured white blooms with a small green eye completely cover the rounded bush. When grown next to a tree, or other support, this rose becomes a climber capable of going about 12 to 15 feet. Mme. Plantier is a treasure: disease resistant, shade tolerant, requiring almost no maintainance.

Intoduced in 1835.

Mme. Plantier

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Growth Habit: 
Shrub, may be grown as a climber
Year Introduced: 
1830 to 1839
Bloom Type: 
Fully Double
Zone 4
Fragrance ffff
Rebloom 0
10-15 Feet
White, Near White and White Blend
Bloom Size: 
Bloom Size 3
Special Uses
Disease Resistant: 
Very Disease Resistant
Thornless or Nearly Thornless: 
Thornless or Nearly Thornless
Grow As Shrub or Climber
Good for Cutting: 
Good for cutting
Shade Tolerant: 
Shade Tolerant

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